Opening: 29/10/20 Duration: 29/10-26/12/20



29.10.2020 – 05.06.2021

On Thursday, October 29th 2020, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents the first joint solo exhibition of Kostas Bassanos and Nina Papaconstantinou, titled HOME.

The exhibition will run until June 05th 2021.


The exhibition Home is the first joint solo show of the two artists, following a parallel course of twenty years. Through the traces, the writings and the handmade imprints of Papaconstantinou and the linearity of the sculptural alphabet of Bassanos, a double meaning of symbiosis is denoted.

The two artists meditate on their subject differently. Nina Papaconstantinou is interested in the imprints of time, in fairytales, lullabies, dirges and diary entries –everything that evinces the sharing of life, from beginning to end. Extracting from texts, which the artist eventually transforms into ornamental patterns, she associates the concept of home with homecoming, with the desire for a beloved person, and regards it as a place of return and escape at the same time. For Papaconstantinou, home is the space and time of a shared life.

For Kostas Bassanos, the concept of home designates the experience of common space: the cohabitation and continuous interaction, from which common places, concerns and references emerge.

But what is this that interconnects, inspires and in the end diversifies the creation of the two artists?

In the exhibition Home, the concept of residence is not represented visually, but denoted via texts, words and phrases, sometimes concealed and sometimes apparent in drawings, geometrical motifs, in-situ works and sculptures, where the two artists venture to emphasize precisely this binary condition, as well as the limits of the mutual. They highlight the way that –within the home- two diverse artistic practices co-exist, evolve and converse.

The use of mask is mandatory in the gallery space throughout your visit.

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