Opening: 14/10/21 Duration: 14/10/21-15/01/22



14.10.2021 – 15.01.2022

On Thursday, October 14th, from 18:00 to 22:00, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents Eva Mitala’s solo show, titled Atelier Portable.

The exhibition will run until January 15th 2022.


A series of small-scale sculptures and silkscreen prints in organza form Eva Mitala’s Atelier Portable, her third solo show in the gallery.

The central element of her new work are the Japanese fans and the portable impromtu reconstruction of the artistic experience that is created in us. The artist, while traveling to Japan, collects small mementos which she later integrates into her artistic practice. The main element of her practice is an eclectic feminine nomadism that took her to Asian, European and American cities.

Drawing upon Paul Claudel’s poetry collection: Cent phrases pour éventails*, Eva Mitala creates her artistic universe Atelier Portable, which she is bringing with her everywhere. These fans reflect how the material form negotiates the immaterial and how the corporeality of the small bronze forms come in contact with an intangible trace of air that drifts imperceptibly: “Éventail, De la Parole du poète il ne reste plus que le souffle”.

Eva Mitala in her “portable atelier” processes her personal experience in the East into an inner microcosm rich in handcrafted poetry, whose aspects and segments have been invoked from places along her path. Traces of her personal experience in San Francisco (2020) and Athens (2021) are accrued in her artworks, unraveling silent memories, thoughts and shapes of a breath, inviting us to dialogue with them, as well as to feel them and decipher them.

Curating and Catalogue Text: Efie Falida

*Cent phrases pour éventails is a 172 haiku collection authored by Paul Claudel between June 1926 and January 1927, while he was the French ambassador in Tokyo.

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