Eugenia Apostolou


Studied in London at the Central School of Art and Design (1974 – 1978) and at the Royal College of Art (1979 – 1982). She lives and works in Athens.

Her work has seen various solo shows (such as 2015  Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, 2009 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Retrospective Show – Curator Denis Zacharopoulos Museum Alex Mylona, Athens 2007 – Gallery Nees Morfes, Athens 2002 – Gallery Nees Morfes, Athens).

She has also participated in various group exhibitions, such as 2014 ‘Like’ – Ekfrasi Gallery- Athens – curator Angelos Skourtis 2014 Re-Culture – Skayiopoulio Foundation –Patras –curator Dorothea Konteletzidou, 2014 ‘Painting Matters’ – Elika Gallery – Athens
2013 Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, ‘Plans for a summer’ – Athens – 7th International Silence Film Festival of Athens, International group art show, Caid ‘Violence’ – curator Maria Marangou, – RE-culture – Skayiopoulio Foundation, Patras – ‘Fear’ – curator Maria Marangou, 2012 Institute of Contemporary Greek Art – Abstract Further Abstraction – curator Maria Marangou, 2011 REMAP Acrobat reading – curator Alexios Papazacharias, 2010 Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens, Curators Christophoros Marinos, Paulina Kosmadaki – European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Delphi – curator Efi Andreadi, 2010-09 Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Crete and House of Cyprus, Atnens – curator Maria Marangou, 2009 Benaki Museum, Athens, Nees ‘Morfes Gallery, 50 Years After’ and many more).