Dimitris Andreadis

Dimitris Andreadis was Born in 1979. He studied painting in the fine art school of Athens where he graduated in 2005 with the highest honour. Since 2008 he collaborates with Ileana Tounta Gallery. He has done four solo exhibitions (Keep a light on 2009, The Banners of a postponed revolution 2011, Daily unsimplicity 2013, Hemlock 2015) and a solo presentation in the Armory show in New York (The Head Hunter 2010). Andreadis is well known for mixing pop street culture with the deepest poetics and the knowledge of representation with the freedom of abstraction. Through his dark surfaces (big scale canvases) or on his rough materials (cardboards, metal sheets, polystyrene sculptures) he brings to light the inner human condition by creating a unique symbolism from the remains of his daily procedure.