Opening: 18/04/24 Duration: 18.04.24 – 25.05.24
2023, Past Exhibitions, Solo Exhibitions



Opening: April 18th, 18:00 – 21:00

Exhibition duration: 18.04.24 – 25.05.24

In his seventh solo exhibition at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Cenetr, titled Engram, Dimitris Andreadis confronts and handles his two fundamental influences: abstract expressionism and  subtractive graphism. Combining them he creates a form of release and decompression. His new series of works that are presented in this exhibition constitute a continuum in relation to the previous stations in the artist’s work.

Having skillfully crossed through the fusion of graffiti and academic painting (keep a light on, 2008-09, the headhunter, 2010) to abstract realism (the banners of a postponed revolution, 2011, daily unsimplicity, 2013) and to the painting installations of the colour field (Horizon, 2015, f_other, 2019), he resumes the uncompromising path that defines him.

«Engram», Andreadis states, «is the place of our primary records», of our first memories that are not easy to recollect from the unconcious and this method is required for them to emerge. The artworks of the Engram exhibition are the imprint of this exact process: introspection, the route towards the core. Layers of paint that get closer and closer to the artist’s crux as they accumulate. Movements and brushstrokes which for him are interwoven with the practice defined by the title of the exhibition.

“In this exhibition there is a definite sense of reverting to the primary recordings. The trace, the spot. An abstract memory. A contemporary primitivism. A reference to the prehistory of the first age. An affair accessible from a variety of directions, but always concentrated on the basic materials of his experience. A brush, some paint, a surface. The human mark. The magic of simplicity”, as he notes, outlining what he is interested in approaching.

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