Space Rental

The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre is composed of two exhibition halls, covering a space of 300 sq.m, as well as an art shop with books and art objects. The luxury restaurant 48 The Restaurant is also housed within the Centre’s building. The ground floor hall is 70 sq.m. (10m. x7m.), has artificial lighting and a capacity of 70 people.

The hall situated on the first floor is a 255 sq.m. (15m. x 15m.) space, has both artificial and natural lighting and a capacity of
200 people.

The architectural particularity of the space is enhanced by audiovisual equipment, impeccable telecommunication infrastructure and the centrally regulated sound and lighting systems, that can be adjusted and effectively cover any of the particular needs a function can present.

The first floor hall is equipped with a digital conference system with possibility of the audience participation, a central sound control room with independent mobile sound system and a special space for two interpreters with a system allowing for two – language interpretation.

The existing cable infrastructure makes for the easy realisation of any application. It can be adjusted accordingly to cater for a conference, a  simple speech or even a reception. The lines cover the transfer of sound signals, loudspeakers, amplifier, microphones, control panel, cd player, video, conference system, interpreting and a local computer network. All equipment that is placed in the hall for specific application or installations can be centrally controlled. This allows for an independent or simultaneous use of both halls.

The two exhibition halls of the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre can host any type of events such as: presentations of new products/ promotional events/ business conferences/ scientific one-day events/ Greek and international scientific congresses/
company presentations/ social functions.

Examples of the possible use of the space are: video projections with stereo or surround sound/ simultaneous or independent projections in the two halls/ graphics reproduction using computers/ installation that calls for the use of internet/ internet connection through local network/ sound and image registration/ possibility to register a performance etc.